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Tonia Moro For State Senate

As a dedicated civic leader and local attorney, Tonia Moro has worked for the people, communities and future of Southern Oregon for nearly 30 years. Her leadership has included improving the Rogue Valley’s and Oregon’s transportation network to better serve people, positioning Southern Oregon to prosper in a clean energy economy and working on mental health care policy and to help families in need.

As important as Tonia’s community commitment is how she leads – bringing people together from all walks of life and all parts of the community to work for a better common future. It is the kind of inclusive, bi-partisan, solution-based leadership and values that were the hallmark of the late Senator Alan Bates. And it makes Tonia Moro the right choice to carry on his work for us in the Oregon Senate.

Tonia's Priorities

Jobs for Southern Oregon

A better life starts with a good job. That’s why Tonia Moro has been fighting to get Southern Oregon ready for the jobs of the future. Tonia has been working to help Southern Oregon make the transition to a clean energy future and will work to create incentives that will boost clean energy jobs and job training for our local economy.

Education for Our Future

Tonia understands that education is the key to opportunity. Tonia will fight for resources to improve education at every level: making sure that kids get to school ready to learn, reducing class sizes and restoring classes like art, music and PE at our local K-12 schools. Tonia will also fight for our local colleges, including increasing career and technical education at RCC and providing better support for SOU.

Supporting Small Business

Tonia knows that small business creates the most jobs in Southern Oregon. She will work to help Jackson County small businesses qualify for incentives and expand worker training programs at Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University, so that our local businesses have the well-trained workforce they need to succeed and add jobs.

Protecting Seniors

Tonia has seen the struggles seniors face late in life. That's why she believes we need to protect Oregon's senior citizens from abuse. Tonia will work to stop elder abuse at long-term care facilities, while supporting home care services that enable seniors to continue living independently in their homes.

Affordable Housing

Tonia knows that a key to a thriving community is access to affordable housing. Over the past year rental affordability in the Medford metro area has worsened at a faster rate than any other area in the country. Median income households in our community spend 35.3 percent of their incomes on rental costs, up from 31.8 percent a year ago. Tonia will fight for renter protections, including protection from unreasonable rent increases and no cause evictions.

Meet Tonia

Tonia Moro has been deeply involved in the communities of Southern Oregon for nearly 30 years. Now in private practice, her professional background has been to serve as an integral part of our justice system as a federal defender. She has also served as counsel for small businesses, and for cities such as Gold Hill and Talent, developing first-hand knowledge of the ways that state policies can help or hinder local communities.

Tonia Moro’s community involvement has helped improve the lives of Southern Oregonians and the future of our region. She lives and works in Medford.

As Chair of the Rogue Valley Transportation District, Tonia Moro recently headed the successful community campaign that won voter approval for funding to restore RVTD bus service that had been rejected in 2014. The campaign won the support of new voters, built strong ties with a range of groups representing veterans, people with disabilities, students, seniors and others who depend on public transit, as well as the business community that recognized the importance of transportation for a strong local economy. Her transportation expertise will be critical to ensuring our community gets its fair share as the legislature develops a major transportation package in the next session.

Tonia Moro is also a long-time advocate on issues related to mental health services, foster care, domestic violence and family and youth services. Part of that service was to promote legislative reforms and improvements in state policies and programs in these areas through the late Sen. Alan Bates’ leadership.

She also helped found the community group Rogue Climate and has taken a leading role in advocating for the Healthy Climate Act and other legislation that would spur investment in clean energy jobs in Southern Oregon. She is motivated to take the long-view as grandmother to Ethan and Heidi Cooper.